Stand out from the crowd

Your pharmaceutical career is important to you. It’s just as important to us. That’s why we ask the right questions, know the right people and use the right experience to make sure you’re matched with the best opportunities for your experience. At Tyger Thomas we are always looking for high quality candidates.

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, we can offer you sound advice to help you get to the next stage. From drafting an impressive CV to preparing for each interview, helping you with salary negotiations including advising you on what salary you can expect to receive and helping you through the resignation process. We’re here to help every step of the way.

We build up close relationships with our clients and this therefore enables us to know exactly where you will fit in and where you won’t. We want you to be successful finding employment and are able to offer you a specialist insight into what you can expect.

We can help to open the right doors for you through the contacts and special relationships that we have with employers.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable and believe that this is one of the reasons that make us successful. We can offer you a personal service. We like to get to know our candidates beyond simply reading your CV so that we can ensure you will find the right employment for you.

However, there’s only so much we can put on a website. Nothing compares with one to one career advice. So simply call or email one of our expert consultants.

Call 01483 60 88 50 and talk to the people driven to deliver.


Our promises to you

  • We will never send your CV on without your prior agreement.

  • We will not force you into roles that you are not happy with.

  • We will provide you with exciting employment opportunities.

  • We will support and mentor you through the entire recruitment process.

  • We will keep you informed and updated throughout the recruitment process.